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Laser Engraving: Everything You Need to Know

Laser Engraving: Everything You Need to Know
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The Sculpfun S10 laser engraver enables precise high-resolution engraving, high-speed production, and engraving durability. Like all other laser engravers, lasers are divided by power and work surface. Medium and low power intensities with the same properties are most commonly used, although high power lasers and mesa are also available (most commonly used in industrial settings). Laser engraving can be performed on materials such as rubber, wood, leather, glass, plexiglass and steel.

Laser Engraving - As Easy As Printing
Laser engraver is as easy as 3d printer. First, you need to create the engraving layout in a common graphics program (CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Illustrator, InkScape, etc.), then use the printer driver to transfer the graphics to the Sculpfun laser engraver. Using the material of your choice, laser engrave or cut engraving with saved settings at the push of a button. Some software can be used to set advanced settings if desired. Process types stored in the printer driver make daily work easier by automatically optimizing the methods needed for graphics.

Raster and Vector Engraving
Two different types of laser engraving include raster and vector.

Raster engraving is a standard laser engraving procedure. Graphics here are built from pixels carved row by row, point by point. For large area applications such as filling letters, images, postage stamps or wood carvings, the raster engraving method is suitable.

Vector engraving means that the graphics are composed of curves and straight lines, and the laser engraves one by one vector at the same time. Vector engraving is often called scoring. Vector engraving is useful and faster if only thin lines need to be cut.

Laser technology enables the highest precision for the finest patterns. Almost anything that can be drawn can be engraved and marked with a laser. Interested in branding your product? Contact us today to find out why laser engraving is right for you.
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